Reality ?  Really ??

reality only begins to [ex] is.t

at the point of an untainted perspective

until you take on the discipline required, to develop the discernment necessary to see with open eyes, for a truly untainted perspective - you will be conjuring an alternate or pseudo-reality

no, you won’t be transforming rocks into wizard-ghouls, but an entire world made up in your mind’s eye: every nuance, view, prejudice, expectation, belief, notion; in this way, every predilection of your mind is tainted, continues to be tainted (by you… yes, maybe you were brought into this altered state by parents, teachers, fools, but how much does it have to hurt, how long does it have to go, until you wake up and hit rewind, or erase ??)

your situation is no different than as if characters creating a construct on the holodeck of the Star Ship Enterprise, your body and entire being are in the construct, the hologram… except your mind has conjured the alternate reality - and catapulted the movie reel you are allowing yourself to see - out of the western you are in, into a science fiction movie, or a romance novel

every predilection THAT YOU allow your mind to ACCEPT as ‘what is’, as truth is an instant (non-golfing) handicap in the factor of your reality, AND the basis of your misery…

you will taint every relationship you are in - you won’t really be in it, because you will have taken yourself out of it - seeing what you want to see, seeing what you’ve conjured, not what is, or actually can be there, but your IDEA of it

don’t try and tell me you are not miserable, anyone who has to tell you they are happy, is still searching for its path  (draw a picture, with a path and happy crossed out at the end of it and name the path ‘happy’)


only reality


an untainted


it is the IDEA of things, your perpetuation of those tainted ideas, that damages, ruins, destroys the actual things

- do you really know Love ?

- or are you just toying with, constructing your notion of, your idea of - it ??

... what do you think will happen between two people who each conjure their own version of love ?


… discombuberation

or for that matter, conjure their own alternate and distinctly different tainted realities with their own versions of respect or friendship ?... while all at the same time, try to share their penultimate version with the other through these roulette-wheel clichés of response ??

that is insane, and welcome to your day

if this is your construct ?

then at all times you keep misery not far away...

instead of adding,

  maybe it’s time to take away

~ j.b.   

June 10, 2012

That’s Joe™