Bukowski ‘Women’

Osho ‘Intimacy’

Gurdjieff ‘I Am, Not’

Nietzsche ‘Zutherasta’

No one

should wish

for anything.

If you want,

have the guts

to go out and get.


A Poet Goes to Paris

April 2012

What ?

The hell did you just say ?


What’s Joe ??  All about gettin’ your head in the game. 

Drop the lame, the shame, the maim... get in the Game.

Who is this Joseph Borkovic, gosh-darn Joe ??

Joe Quote: “This life, LIFE is to be experienced - fun, love, meaningfulness.  My grandpa said, ‘If you are not doing something to make a difference, then stop, start again!’ 

I know how lucky I am to be here, on this planet Earth, alive.  I cannot waste a moment of this gift!” 

That’s Joe. 

It’s Just a Label... Or Is It ?

Ecopreneur.  FatherInspirationist.  Poet.  Author.  Maniac.  Joe Slam™.  Mind-destroyer.  Writer.  Idiot.  Alien.  Casablanca Guy.  Millionaire-maker.  Naturalist.  Savant.  Storyteller.  Recording Artist. Best Friend.  True Friend.  And Genuine...?

OK, here it is... I took on the world, and it took me down.  After making millions, and I mean real 80’s dollars, LIFE took me down, way down, and out!  Maybe, out of success, and into Life.  A few words about living, by Joe.

Burn Me Kangeroo Down, Sport

Not once.  Three times. 

Start at zero.

Million, zero;

million, Zero;

Million, Zero. 

End at ?? 

Failure Is Not An Option

I could have easily thought something was wrong with me.  Point the finger, blame someone else, accuse life... how ridiculous !  No matter what, I was not gettin’ out of this Game, not with these chips.

The last time, in a matter of several weeks, I became homeless with my 3 year old son, I lost 22 houses, and lost my family farm... this brought me to re-consider the total sum of the arse I had become... but more on that later...

Fangs and (your) Blood, Not A Party

What happens when the gremlins, the ghouls, the vampires gather around to feast on your flesh and blood ??  What happens when they’re neighbours, family, your teachers ?

I’ll tell you what happened to me - I got über, crazy good at figuring things out.  Mechanisms.  Remember that, if you care about not feeding the beasts with your flesh...

Mechanisms... Understand, Become Free

If you know how something works, you can figure out how to take it backwards, then forwards.  I had to.  I had to find a way to stay with, and remain a Father to my 3 year old Son, while enemies searched for the opportunity to separate us, going as far as to engage Child Social Services, in attempt to take my son. Click here to see what happened.

Official, public contemplation on this:

Finding myself in this situation, an extremely dangerous reality to be separated from my son, which I could not accept as appropriate... REALLY made me examine every fiber of my being.  Living on street, sleeping in the forest, will give that to you.  I became changed.  I had to become more real.

Unofficial, private contemplation on this:

[ Crush you, that’s my answer and response to you lifeless, sucking ghouls.  15 years later my son, Zachary-Joseph, has turned into a wonderful boy.  Did you do bastards do that ?  Nope, no you didn’t.  I did !  That’s Joe. ]

OK, ok, I’m breathing again, I’m okay now.

There is only one sole / soul reason for this site, to openly share our Story

  1. -hate the Story,

  2. -love the Story,

  3. -feel repulsed, angry or frustrated by the Story

  4. - Yes, this Story stirs emotions, BUT THE FOREMOST intention, that this sharing may inspire and motivate the best in you, even in the face of adversity, you can find a way through.  This I promise, though nothing more.

[ ...for a few of you, this will SHAKE you OUT OF YOUR APATHY, DESPAIR, SORROW OR personal BULLHONKY ]

If you do not feel like you are really, truly, deeply living... then I encourage you to find what you need to get back to your Life, the one you know is there, the one that splinter in your mind won’t let you forget.  Neo, Neo, are you there ?!

Happy !!  Really ?

OK, for all those who will tell me you’re happy.  Great, I really believe you, I’m seeing it, I hear you, I mean I can feel it, oh yeah!... (yes, a bit of sarcasm there)

My grandpa used to say,

“Anyone who has to tell you they’re happy, isn’t.  The task or trick is to stop foolin’ yourself... we all fool ourselves.”

Maybe you just had some bad luck... well, guess what ?Beautiful, everyone has bad luck... what are you going to do with that ??  Who are you blaming ?

I know, because I have been there... but it’s never “done”.  I know hitting bottom so hard into states of sorrow and despair, and what it takes to pull yourself out of these darkest slimes, heaviest times.  If you have dreams, you will run into liars, thieves, vampires, and a line up of fools who’ll tell, ‘Ya cain’t do it.’

You can.  Resolve you will.  Take a bit of ground everyday.

The Splinter... is Not Supposed To Be There

If you know something is wrong, if there is a splinter in your mind, if you suspect things are not as they should be... and have been waiting, watching, WAITING for someone to tell you the truth... well, it won’t happen here, or ANYWHERE... because NOBODY knows the truth.  Not for you !

Someone else can only tell you a version of their truth.  Know, KNOW this, you are the ONLY ONE who knows YOUR TRUTH.  Truth is personal experience, and intention.

AND, once you know/own your truth, you become INFINITELY powerful.  Period.

Period and end of (that) story.  Now, let’s begin.

Ending Is Beginning

This is where my Story begins.  When I had the first glimpse at the possibility of truly becoming a Man, not just a good man, but a man good at life, with all people.  A decent Father, a good Friend, a respectable Man (& no one’s fool).  I took the dare to try that on !

If my Story has any value at all to you, then I am blessed by the GODS, for once again they have urinated their graces upon me.

First Clue: IF life does not tear you down, chew you up, regurgitate you and maybe even spit you out somewhere... you haven’t lived.

Second Clue:  IF you think you know what you are doing, *CRUSH OFF, because you think you know,


note: *CRUSH = ‘fuck’

Third Clue:  You know - KNOW - something is wrong, but you keep on robotically doing the same useless things, over and over... getting, guess what ?... the same trouble, stinkin’ results. 

Automatons Disassemble Yourselves.

5 Cent Pop Can Plan

An interview for Rolling Stone:

By society’s standards Borkovic is the new generation of über successful ecopreneurs.  Living clean and making money, by making a difference... for real, being real.

Is This A Democracy, A Society of Liars ?

[ not like fake, lying marketers (umm... Seventh Generation who use sulfates, yes SULFATES in their “eco” laundry product... an absolute disgrace for any company let alone one that professes to be concerned 7 generations deep and purport to do business in a toxic fashion for 7 unborn generations.  So how can ‘they’ also justify putting colouring / bleach in the 7th GEN baby wipes to make them look more white ??   Oh, they didn’t tell you ?

NEXT arseholes:  The $100m Avalon brand - does not list all their ingredients on their “organic” shampoo... what are you leaving off. the toxic ones ?... all, to get the green consumer money ??

Call A Spade, a Spade

Shame on you.  The worst thing is, you are only a few of too many.  By any human standard, this makes you LIARS, so CRUSH you !!  And crush-fuck your lawyers, I have a witness & proof.  Truth in CPO, the Court of Public Opinion - WINS! 

Didn’t you notice, there is only one planet ?

Borkovic does not believe any business should cheat or mislead, like unmentionable brands above, to get a customers honest, hard-earned money.  He is a tough son-of-a-JOE who made a promise to his son.  That includes not lying or cheating, because to Borkovic, a father CANNOT do that to his son, and a real man cannot take advantage of anyone.  Borkovic is old-school.  His mates call him a ‘Casablanca Guy’.

Bare Hands and 5 Cent Pop Cans

Why, why did he do it ?  Borkovic built a company with multi-million dollar in sales, with his bare hands, from nothing.  Well, not exactly nothing, but from a single moment of inspiration, an idea and 5 cent pop cans. 

So, how does one leave the bowels of despair behind when life has kicked you in the knackers ??...

Borkovic says, “Get a grip, get a goal, and start today.  For Zach and I, it was by collecting 5 cent pop cans off the street... but we had help, because we also didn’t stop listening to the universe.”

Borkovic lost his farm and became homeless with his young boy in 1999.  Borkovic was so determined not to be separated from his son, that in 1999 they set out to rebuild their lives by living in local island forests, like Mt. Douglas.  Borkovic learned they could eat the new shoots (full of Vitamin C) from the Fir trees and that the Arbutus tree buds were edible.  Borkovic’s friends and family never found out, until the first TV interview years later, and some couldn’t believe it... click here for the 1st Shaw TV interview.

Homelessness Does Not Stop This Father

Did losing everything stop him ?  Well yes, for several days... then in one of the most extraordinary turnaround stories, maybe of this time, Borkovic, from NOTHING, and his son collected pop and beer cans until they had $480.  All the while having to find food and a place to sleep for some 4 months.  But don’t think that got Borkovic down, he says, “These were some of the best times I had with my son, Zachary, in our life.  There was deep love and a freedom we shared just being together in Nature.  Nature took us in, and re/un-trained my mind.”

Fate Has It

Then as fate would have it, Borkovic meet a pretty woman in a coffee shop.  They connected, and Borkovic and his son moved in with the woman and her daughter.

Borkovic, with a roof and a telephone, got to work.  Now, remember this is in the days before any big internet or eBay, and items were still sold in the local newspaper.  He bought an antique phonograph for $375 and within two days had sold it for $850. 

A Telephone, A Newspaper, and $100,000 - True Story

Borkovic had the beginnings of his grub stake, and the 5 Cent Pop Can Plan was born.  Within 9 months buying and selling, Borkovic had accumulated over $100,000, cash, went out and bought his farm back.  Link to the video page with the Shaw TV interview, by clicking here.

Borkovic went on to multi-millions in sales, not of empty/dirty money but with green, organic products of real meaning.  Working through guts, ingenuity, integrity - driven by his first love, MOTHER EARTH.  You see, while homeless, Borkovic made ‘A Promise’ to his 3 year old son, that they would do something to help the dolphins, the oceans, the Earth.  Link to the video page, the Promise, by clicking here.

Hammerhead, Fijians, the Queen and Joe Slam™

No doubt, Borkovic is a radical, not only in his business, but also in his multi-dimensional life.  He has been: rushed by a hammerhead shark; initiated with a traditional ceremonial robe as a shaman by a  Fijian tribe; represented Canada on rugby tours in New Zealand, Scotland, Wales and England, where he played on the royal grounds at Windsor Castle and met Her Majesty, the Queen; has written a number of successful books in diversified genres; published and recorded, “Joe Slam”, a spoken word album with Daryl Chonka at, www.oldgrowthmusic.com [ who works with: Randy Bachman of BTO, 54-40, Paul Brand, Dido, INXS, Joe Santriani, Avril Lavigne, Loreena McKennitt, The Tragically Hip and other greats... ]; and Borkovic still loves his mother, and honours his father... click here for an extraordinary hero’s story of Joe’s father at 18 escaping communist military under threat of being shot to death, armed with only a chocolate bar in his pocket...

Sleep When You’re Dead

Borkovic is an eco-machine.  His books, 100 Days of Love™, Council of Animals™, Joe Slam™ are all on FSC certified forest-free paper, his album on FSC tree-free, and it goes on.  Once when he lost all his staff to a dishonest manager, he operated and ran his million dollar business single handedly, without a drop in sales.  Borkovic says he’ll sleep when he’s dead.  He ran the company with the systems he created for six months until he could find someone new, with “old school” values he could respect.  In fact, Borkovic no longer hires employees, nope, he brings in people of quality character and makes them into partners in the business, he’ll tell you, “Imagine that, treating people, like people.”

Borkovic shares, builds community, and will tell you to your face, that no evil force can fool a solid community, “It’s all about functional community, supporting one another for a greater whole.  That’s Earth.”

Activist, or Realist - When There’s Only One Planet ?

Borkovic is a lethal proponent in local politics, with his legal background he has eaten scurvy lawyers for breakfast, beaten back the installation of stupid ‘Smart Meters’ and saved many a tree from the blind blade of a chainsaw.  Is Borkovic an activist ?  He will tell you, “I’m a pure realist, there is only one planet Earth.  Stop taking more than you give back, period.”

A Gentleman Knows What To Do... and Does It !

BORKOVIC has been called an environmental saint.  But he will be the first to laugh, and tell you that doing the right thing does not deserve any pat on the back, and I quote, “If you get up to give an elderly person your seat on the bus, that deserves NOTHING, because it is proper, the right thing to do, you just do it because you know to act properly.  So it is the same in life, through your every day.  Not for what others think, live and do responsibly for the feeling it gives inside you, and you will live!”

A Nut Job... with 1000s of Happy Customers

Borkovic could definitely be considered a ‘nut job’ for his radical business approach of natural, clean formulations using only vegan ingredients from organic farms - AND his shampoo, lotions, baby products, laundry liquid and array of natural household products WORK.  You see Borkovic was doing this BEFORE it was popular to get on the natural/organic bandwagon... you could say Borkovic built the wagon.  He even built his own web sites (on a Mac), and one of them makes up to $100,000 in a busy month.

A Gypsy Caravan - that Explains a Few Things...

In fact, he did build a gypsy caravan with his son, considered a marketing ingenuity by the locals.  You can still find Borkovic operating out of the gypsy caravan with his son (now 17, in 2012) on Saturdays at their local farmers’ market on Vancouver Island.  Click here to see pictures of the gypsy caravan.

BORKOVIC is not just a hippie with an office.  While it is true he initiated ‘Social Justice” ingredient sourcing to employ artisans in remote regions/villages.  Such as: Shea butter from a woman’s cooperative in Ghana, Africa; Frankincense from the Bedouins in Oman; White Lotus flower from nomads in India; and Vetiver from farmers in Sri Lanka.  He is just as comfortable in ‘high society’.

Olympics, Billionaire Clients, and Making the Law

Borkovic has made products for the Olympic Games, for royalty (a Princess), billionaire clients, for the Hollywood movies sets.

(w/ clients: Sting, Harrison Ford, Antonio Banderas, Kate Bosworth, James Cromwell, Tom Hanks, Demi Moore, Al Pacino, Ben Stiller. Hillary Swank, Olivia Wilde, Robin Williams & Oprah). 

But rather than talk about celebrities, Borkovic will tell you about their connection with local families, visits to see himself and Zach at the Farmer’s Market, and hear stories about how their green, eco-products have helped their family.  When they sell a bottle of shampoo, after 14 years, Zach still says, “Dad, that’s one less bottle of chemicals going into the ocean.”

Borkovic is also on the Canadian Task Force for the Organic Product Regulations... in other words, Borkovic gets to decide what the law will be for all 34 million consumers in Canada.  He consults in the same capacity for the USDA, European Union, UK and Australian organic market.  Not bad for a guy who ate plants in the forest to survive and stay together with his 3 year old son.

Does what Borkovic does - this thing he calls ‘mechanisms’, what his son Zach, calls ‘thinking-thinking’ - really work ??

Well... he and his son have upon thousands of eco-customers that will personally tell you exactly that, they will not use any other products from any other company than Organic Trader Canada !!

Tree-free Business Cards, Crushed Rock eco-Labels

Not impressive enough ??  His business cards are printed upon recycled organic Amy’s pizza boxes, at OTC they recycle every piece of paper and box (over 10,000 reclaimed), use no PVC plastic (eliminating phthalates and bis-phenol A toxins), and even make eco-labels from crushed rock, labels produced with NO water, NO trees, NO bleach, and NO vinyl... no kiddin’. 

Yoga... & The Love of a Good Woman, Saves Lives

Borkovic also does hot yoga in 40 Celsius heat, a 6 am workout he calls, “Necessary traditional East Indian torture.”  He says, yoga saved his life... along with the love of a good woman.

Is there a point ??  You bet there is...

Keep it Real, Follow Your Bliss

Borkovic wants you to know... he did it with nothing but internal Gumption AND listening to the universe.  No silver spoon, nor one dollar from a bank... by simply starting to pick up 5 cent pop cans... AND SAYS THAT YOU CAN DO IT TOO, if you want to...

“Sharing my Story, with inspiring realizations, perspectives that help your unique path, your own valuable journey truly be realized!”


I Know You Can Do It !

“Realize your life, your Dream in your own way with your own ingenuity, your own gumption, your own ideas, your own power... JUST DON’T GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS, ever!  You have them because they mean something and are important !”

That’s Joe™ Notes:

“More than believe, you must Know, you are the most powerful force in your own life... just go for it, because life will change, time can run out - just like that, so LIVE, seize the day, you are a Force of Nature!”

Thank-You !


“Check out a few of our many life ventures:

Books, eco-business, radicalness, spoken word albums...”


Spoken world album:

Joe Slam, Project Man ~ the Apocalypse, Book 1

Listen to this new, groundbreaking, entire 28 track album. “Prepare to embark !”  Enjoy.



Described as, “Harry Potter meets the Lion King in Narnia”

This is the world’s first book written by a father and illustrated by the son.

Read the entire adventure online.  Or, listen to the entire 8 hour audio book, with full sound effects. 

Ah, great bedtime fun!  Enjoy.



The MotherShip


The 5 Cent Pop Can Plan starts, from a Promise between a father and a son.


For eco-stylists and chemically-concerned salons.


√   the very first book, you might cry... it’s OK to cry.


√   the early days, rough, honest, raw


WARNING:  Arse-kickin’ writing entitled, IDIOT 101. 

Prepare to be offended or enlightened. 

** NOT for the faint of heart.

Genuinely, Joseph

Cowichan Bay, B.C. 

Vancouver Island   The Planet Earth

© 2012

That’s Joe™





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at least right now, not enough of us give a shite.  That has to change.

If your being does not change, for the better. 

Then you will be sentenced to death by your own apathy.

Stretched by the neck,

for years

with your mediocrity,

until dead.

All can never be lost,

if only you make an effort.

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